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The research component attached to the interdisciplinary major is designed to be intense, helping students synthesize their academic experiences toward a purposeful and coherent end.

While the senior thesis is the culmination of the interdisicplinary studies major, most students choose to become involved in undergraduate research much earlier in their college careers. Students are expected to begin thinking about possible senior thesis topics as early as their sophomore year. As students begin exploring possible topics and areas of interest, it is not unusual for them to decide to work on a research project, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, as a precursor to the senior thesis. The results of this project may or may not be incorporated into the research they complete their senior year to fulfill the senior thesis requirement.

The School of Arts & Sciences offers students in all its academic disciplines the opportunity to compete for summer research fellowships. These fellowships provide funding for students to conduct 10-week research projects, either on or off campus. Additional travel grants are available for students who must go further afield to conduct primary research. Students from across the disciplines are encouraged to share the results of their research projects at the School's Student Research Symposium, held annually in April.